Complete your newly built house with an asphalt driveway.

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Learn how you can benefit from driveway resurfacing services.

driveway resurfacing arnold md

Make your driveway stronger with asphalt sealcoating.

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Leave commercial paving to the experts.

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Featured Customer Testimonial


"Was first class from the minute I placed a call to Danny, he met me within 1 hour of the call, after about 30 minutes of looking everything over. My plans changed from the rear of my parking lot, to the entire parking lot. Last year I did get a few quotes and all seemed very high, so I held off. Once I spoke with Danny further, I decided just to do the entire parking lot. We made a good deal that we both honored. Danny and his crew came into do the job as professionals and they did just that. Job was estimated at 2 1/2 days and they completed in 2 days. They worked non stopped and delivered exactly what he promised. I could not be happier. These guys know how to work. I am proud to show off the finished product. They did such a great job, now I have to paint the entire building on the outside just to keep up with the quality and appearance of the new parking lot. 170k tons is an awesome job. Drop by and look for yourself. Thank you guys it was a true pleasure."

Make Sure Your Driveway Is Built to Last

Hire a preferred asphalt paving company in Arnold, MD

Over the years, your driveway has endured all kinds of intense weather conditions. Restore your driveway to its former glory by turning to Advantage Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating. We provide a wide range of asphalt paving services to residents of Arnold, MD and surrounding areas. From replacing driveways to resurfacing parking lots including: 

 Asphalt driveway installation

Pavement resurfacing

Driveway sealcoating

No matter how bad your driveway looks now, we can turn it into an attractive feature of your property. Contact us today to learn more.

Make it easier for clients to park

When you manage a business, keeping your clients happy is your primary concern. Achieve this goal with the help of the skilled team at Advantage Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating. Your clients won't have to complain about your parking lot once we repave the surface and mark out a new, more functional layout.

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Discover the difference experience makes

Is grass growing in the cracks in your parking lot? Do you want a driveway leading up to your garage? Are you tired of driving over that pothole? You don't need to search far and wide to find a reputable asphalt paving company in the Arnold, MD area. Look no further than Advantage Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating.

You'll appreciate that we:


Bring 10+ years of experience to every job


Work in a timely and professional manner


Aim to exceed your expectations

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